How to clean a chandelier?

Regular care for the frame is DRY clean it with a white cotton cloth. A little bit clean water on cloth is fine. Do not use any other liquid or cream.

To clean the crystals, you need to wet a white cotton cloth with clean water, twist it until 70%-80% dry and rub the crystals. If you notice grease on the crystals, you can add a few drops of dish detergent to the water, wet the cloth, clean the crystal once, then redo it again with clean water. DO NOT use Windex or any spray cleaners. As the chemical in them will work their way into the frame and tarnish them eventually.

When cleanning, place a towel, blanket, or any cushion beneath the chandelier, in case a crystal drops, it will not break.

Make sure to turn off the light before cleanning to avoid electric shock.

Walk around the chandelier to clean it. Do not rotate the chandelier at cleanning, as it may loose the support and chandelier may fall.

Crystal chandelier is recommended to be cleaned at least once a year.